Live Free and Host Responsibly

The New Hampshire Liquor Commission (NHLC) & Jack Daniel’s have launched a year-long effort to encourage NH Liquor & Wine Outlet customers to consume alcohol responsibly.

Live Free & Host Responsibly this Holiday Season.

Holiday Responsibility Message from NH Liquor Commission and Jack Daniel's

Jack's Holiday Crantini Recipe

Tips for Responsible Holiday Hosting

A message from NHLC & Brown-Forman

We at the New Hampshire Liquor Commission and Brown-Forman are personally invested in doing everything we can to promote responsible alcohol consumption throughout New Hampshire.

Responsible alcohol consumption leads to better outcomes for everyone. Lounge and restaurant owners keep patrons safe, reduce incidents of drunk driving, preserve their investments, and protect their liquor licenses. For consumers, responsible and moderate drinking is safer, healthier and leads to more positive social outcomes.


Chairman Joseph Mollica
New Hampshire Liquor Commission

Taylor Amerman

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