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Memorial Day Weekend: Wine for a BBQ

It’s almost Memorial Day Weekend which means summertime is about to begin! With the warmer weather comes plenty of opportunity for cookouts with barbequed meats and vegetables. But while so many people know how to grill the perfect burger, not many are confident at knowing …Read more

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Fellowship, Food and Friends: Exeter’s Vino e Vivo Creates a ‘Great Good Place’

As they step down into the narrow, brick-lined walkway just off Water Street, visitors to downtown Exeter find themselves at the ornate wooden and glass doors that lead inside to Vino e Vivo – a portal into a space designed to be both transformational and …Read more

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Where Have You Been, Sauvignon Blanc?

May is like the Monopoly equivalent of a “Get out of Jail Free” card liberating us from our stale houses and sending us out into the fresh air. Though spring may be a tough act to follow, June becomes the star of the show and …Read more

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True to Its Heritage: Casa Noble Tequila Captures the Essence of Family, Land, and Culture

Great tequila is typically the result of careful stewardship, expert craftsmanship, and the skilled palate of the master distiller. But for Jose “Pepe” Hermosillo, founder of Casa Noble Tequila, there’s an additional intangible ingredient. As a seventh generation distiller, tequila is literally a part of …Read more

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Kentucky Derby: Mint Juleps

Saturday, May 4th brings us the biggest day in horse-racing, the 145th Kentucky Derby. While the horses and hats get a lot of the attention, the drinks do too, and there is no drink more iconic than the famed Mint Julep. This simple drink sells …Read more

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Moonlight Meadery: Making Mead Mainstream in New Hampshire

Moonlight Meadery’s founder, Michael Fairbrother, first started making mead in 1995. Since then, he has produced numerous meads with a wide array of flavors from apple pie to chocolate banana. Michael, along with his wife, Bernice, and his best friend, Kurt, have been changing the …Read more

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Easter Candy Cocktails

If you have some extra Easter candy around your house…put it to better use in one of these sweet tooth inspired drinks!     Jelly Bean Martini 2 oz sour apple schnapps 1 …Read more

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Organic and Biodynamic Wines for Earth Day

Happy Earth Day! Taking care of the planet we call home is important and many vineyards are working diligently to help keep our earth healthy. We have a wide selection of earth-friendly wines at many of our stores and in honor of …Read more

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Easter Wine Pairings

It’s time to start planning your Easter celebrations which also means it’s time to select the wine you will be serving! Unlike other holidays which usually revolve around a hearty dinner, Easter is often celebrated with a brunch or lunch, meaning your wine list might …Read more

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Sailing The High Seas with Tall Ship Distillery

Tall Ship Distillery first sailed into Dover, NH with owner John Pantelakos at the helm in 2013, but the idea for this now beloved distillery started years before on a Caribbean cruise. Pantelakos had always been a fan of rum, but while enjoying it on his …Read more

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Whisky is Coming…Enter for Opportunity to Purchase the Complete Set of Game of Thrones Whiskies!

Game of Thrones and Whisky fans alike will be elated by the special shipment of Game of Thrones whiskies which we have recently received! In celebration of the eighth and final season of the critically-acclaimed TV series, Game of Thrones, DIAGEO, and HBO are releasing …Read more

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The Beauty of the Red Blend

Blending different wines together is certainly not a new trend, however, in recent years red blends have become one of the more popular wine varietals. Given their sudden surge in popularity, customers may be inclined to think that these wines are a new concept, however, …Read more

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Celebrating 85 Years of Cheers

This year marks the 85th anniversary of the New Hampshire Liquor Commission which means we are celebrating 85 years of exemplary savings, selection, and service! We want to thank all of our customers for making these 85 years so successful, which is why we are …Read more

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Everybody Knows Your Name: Walpole Outlet Benefits from a Hometown Touch

For nearly two decades, Jim O’Brien has worked as the manager of the New Hampshire Liquor and Wine Outlet in Walpole — a position that has evolved into something of a legacy in town “When I got here 20 years ago, some of the people …Read more

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Spring 2019 Johnnie Walker and Don Julio Bottle Engravings

If you are looking for a truly special and personalized gift for someone this spring, we have great news! Throughout April, May, and June, Coastal Pacific Spirits & Wine Brokers, a Division of Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits, will be hosting several complimentary bottle engravings of …Read more