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The Best List of Piña Colada Recipes

There are few summer drinks as classic as a Piña Colada, but even the classics can benefit from an occasional twist! Explore these new takes of one of our favorite drinks and see how they compare to the original.     …Read more

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5 Warm Weather Wines to Enjoy this Summer

Wine and summer pair perfectly, but which wines pair the best with a fair, summer, day? The answer will vary from person to person, but there are definitely a few varieties which are well-known for their ability to mix with warmer weather. See our list …Read more

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Elegance, Balance, Complexity…Cecchi Family Estates Maintains Respect for the Land While Bottling the Essence of Italian Winemaking Country

There’s a tangible way to experience the renowned essence of central Italy’s stunning countryside: Simply open a bottle of Cecchi Family Estates wine, pour a glass and allow the terroir, history and tradition of the land to reveal itself. “All the care from the beginning …Read more

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From Garden to Garnish, Use Home-Grown Herbs to Add Spice to Your Favorite Cocktails

Herbs, roots and exotic spices have long played a role in some of our favorite cocktails, adding a greater depth of flavor and character thanks to the natural botanicals that thrive in our drinks and dance delicately on our palates. It all starts in the …Read more

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Move Over Champagne, There’s a New Kid in Town, Prosecco!

Prosecco may have been around for years but it has only gotten wildly popular fairly recently. Made mostly from an inexpensive grape variety called glera (formerly called prosecco — yes, confusing) with the possible addition of up to 15% of other authorized grapes, Prosecco is …Read more

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Tamworth Distilling, Small Batches with a Big Future

Tamworth Distilling is quickly becoming a household name throughout the state of New Hampshire and beyond. In the handful of years in which they’ve been open, Tamworth Distilling has exploded, expanding their collection of scratch-made spirits to include over 50 unique spirits, …Read more

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4 Drinks Which are Fourth of July Worthy

We’ve collected four truly spectacular summer cocktails which are sure to pair perfectly with your Fourth of July celebration! As we wish America a happy birthday, please remember to celebrate safely and responsibly!  

Cayuse Cherry Bomb

  …Read more

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Zorvino Vineyards: Where Classics and Innovation Mix

Nestled in picturesque Sandown, New Hampshire, Zorvino Vineyards provides 80 acres of Italian inspired wine country. Started in 2004, by Jim and Cheryl Zanello as a hobby for retirement, Zorvino has expanded to become one of the busiest and most successful vineyards in the …Read more

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Gin Drinks to Enjoy this Summer

With the rise of warmer weather comes an invitation to enjoy refreshing gin! Gin has been steadily rising in popularity within the state of New Hampshire and across the globe and it is easy to see why. Gin is not only versatile and easily mixed …Read more

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Summer Fun Tour 2019

It’s that time of year again when we introduce our annual Summer Fun Tour! This year’s tour is set to be one of our best yet, with numerous in-store and out-of-store experiences for you to enjoy, from block parties …Read more

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Make-Ahead Cocktails

There are few more rewarding and fun ways to toast the long-awaited springtime than by hosting a back- yard barbecue or having the neighbors over for an evening of noshing and catching-up. Avoid creating chaos in the kitchen by whipping up a few cocktails and …Read more

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Five Cocktails You Need to Try This Summer

Are you ready for this summer? You won’t be until you have a list of new summer cocktails to try this year! Luckily for you, we created a list of delicious new drinks to enjoy during these summer months. So, swing by any of our …Read more

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Blending Tradition with Innovation: Taste the Steadfast Commitment to Excellence in Allegrini Wines

When you talk to the elegant Marilisa Allegrini, a couple of things stand out: her lovely Italian accent resplendent with rolling Rs, and her commitment to producing exceptional wine. Marilisa Allegrini, CEO and co-owner of Allegrini Estates in Valpolicella, Italy, carries on a centuries-old tradition …Read more

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Memorial Day Weekend: Wine for a BBQ

It’s almost Memorial Day Weekend which means summertime is about to begin! With the warmer weather comes plenty of opportunity for cookouts with barbequed meats and vegetables. But while so many people know how to grill the perfect burger, not many are confident at knowing …Read more

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Fellowship, Food and Friends: Exeter’s Vino e Vivo Creates a ‘Great Good Place’

As they step down into the narrow, brick-lined walkway just off Water Street, visitors to downtown Exeter find themselves at the ornate wooden and glass doors that lead inside to Vino e Vivo – a portal into a space designed to be both transformational and …Read more