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Crystal Clear: Dan Aykroyd’s Crystal Head Vodka: A Heady Mix of Diamonds, Purity and a Touch of Mysticism

As Dan Aykroyd stood watching the snow fall outside his friend John Alexander’s art studio several years ago, he could not have known that a hastily drawn sketch of a skull would lead to the birth of a singularly unique spirit that very night — …Read more

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Making the Most of Holiday Food and Wine Pairings

Here we go again! The holidays are upon us and this makes me want to DANCE LIKE MICHAEL JACKSON! Mic drop...   Okay, maybe not, but I do enjoy the festive moments the holidays bring and think the key to success lies in preparation. A …Read more

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Our Favorite Merlot and Zinfandel Wines

November 7th is National Merlot Day and November 19th is National Zinfandel Day. To celebrate these two fine wines, we’ve gathered a few of our favorites to share with you! If you’ve never tried either of these wines, you definitely should. Both varieties offer something …Read more

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2019 Johnnie Walker Blue & Don Julio 1942 Holiday Engravings

If you are looking for a truly special and personalized gift for someone this holiday season, we have great news! Throughout November and December, Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits will be hosting several complimentary bottle engravings and tastings of both Johnnie Walker Blue and Don …Read more

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Pairing Wines with your Thanksgiving Meal

The holidays are soon upon us which means it’s time to start preparing your Thanksgiving menu! This time of year, we often receive a lot of questions about which wines should be served with traditional Thanksgiving meals. The wine or wines you choose can vary …Read more

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Halloween Cocktails

Compliment your leftover Halloween candy with these easy cocktails. They’re all treats with no tricks!     Cider Sidecar   2 oz. fresh apple cider 2 oz. cognac 1 oz. Cointreau 1 oz. fresh lemon juice Strip of lemon zest and brandied cherries, for serving …Read more

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New Hot Toddy Recipes to Try!

Everyone loves the classic Hot Toddy, but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad idea to try something new! See below for some new takes on this classic cold-weather drink!     Apple Hot Toddy   1/2 orange, halved 4 cloves 3 cups apple cider 2 …Read more

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Red Wine Cocktails

Who says cocktails have to be limited to spirits? Wines can be a great base to a variety of cocktails and autumn is the perfect time to experiment with them! See below for a quick list of easy to make red wine cocktails!     …Read more

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Distiller’s Week 2019

With popular demand for seminars, tastings, and celebrity panels growing far beyond what one renowned showcase can provide, we are proud to announce the expansion of our annual celebration of premium spirits and guest distillers to Distiller’s Week - a full week of events around …Read more

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National Vodka Day

October 4th is National Vodka Day! From Absolut to the end of the alphabet, we have a large selection of vodka brands in our stores! Celebrate by trying one or more of these easy vodka drinks!     Orange Crush   5 oz orange juice …Read more

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Pairing Wines with your Favorite Fall Meals

It’s beginning to be the time of year when we long for warm, comfort foods and delicious wine! If you aren’t sure which wines pair the best with your favorite fall dishes, check out our list below and then head to our stores to purchase …Read more

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The Thrill of the Hunt: Kermit Lynch Shines a Light on Little-Known Wineries, Enjoying the Camaraderie Along the Way

Like a real-life Indiana Jones, wine importer Kermit Lynch fearlessly descends into caves and cellars in search of treasure — only the gems that Lynch seeks can be enjoyed in a glass. This Indy, however, comes with a twist of Renaissance man: Not only is …Read more

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Give Back with Glenlivet

We love highlighting brands that give back, which is why we are so excited about Glenlivet’s campaign to support the Purple Heart Foundation!   Now through December, Glenlivet will donate $1 to the Purple Heart Foundation per bottle of Glenlivet 14-Year-Old Single Malt Scotch sold. …Read more

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Late Summer Sangrias

A rich and fruity Sangria is one of the best ways to end a late summer evening! The end of summer is the ideal time to make the most of last ripe fruits and also transition into more autumn-themed flavors. See our list below for …Read more

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Granite State Spirit with a Bayou Flair: Copper Cannon Distillery Fuses Tradition, Resourcefulness

One of the first things people may notice about Copper Cannon Distillery Co-Owner and Louisiana native Blake Amacker is his warm southern accent. The next may be his clever turn of phrase — something he packed along with the rest of his belongings when he …Read more