New Hampshire Distilleries

New Hampshire is home to a number of distilleries with unique and interesting products. Check with each producer for hours of operation, tours, tastings and to find out where their products are sold.


343 Daniel Webster Highway
Meredith, NH, 03253

A taste of Italia in Meredith, New Hampshire! Black Cove Beverages produces a blackberry cello (Morécello) by a generations-old secret family recipe that preserves the taste and nutritional benefits of fresh-picked blackberries. It is akin to limoncello but far tastier, far healthier, and without the acidity. Despite less than two years in a small market, Morécello is already gaining international acclaim and it may very well be the healthiest thing you can buy in a liquor store.

As a digestivo, it is traditionally enjoyed ice cold in small servings after your meal to settle the stomach "and promote hearty conversation". But there are also numerous cocktails in which it is the star ingredient or plays a supporting role, its almost syrupy consistency lends it well to use in or on desserts and other foods.


2 Lyman Way
Chesterfield, NH 03466

Blake Amacker and Chris Arnold made a trip to Ireland to visit the local distilleries. After a few drinks they decided that they were going to start their own. They had a vision of a distillery that focused on producing unique hand-crafted spirits for the public to enjoy. Working with Mike Dettleback, Blake made the company’s first still. Blake picked the productive still because of its modular ability. This gives the distillery tons of options to make different spirits with different still configurations. The still had a resemblance of a cannon and thus Copper Cannon was born.


2 Townsend West, # 9
Nashua, NH  03063
603- 262-1812

Djinn Spirits (pronounced "gin" spirits) is a craft distillery located in Nashua, New Hampshire. Opening in December of 2013, production ramped through several phases that allowed for initial low-volume runs of gin and white whiskey while always focusing on achieving a superior product. A barrel aging project started in early 2014 using small 20-liter barrels. This allowed for a release later that year of an aged whiskey called Beat 3 Reserve. Late 2014 saw the release of our 4th product, Krupnik, a spiced honey liqueur based on a 500 year old recipe. In November of 2015, we released our first Single Malt Whiskey - a premium small-batch whiskey aged on 15 and 30-gallon barrels. In the fall of 2017, Djinn released its Henry Knox gin, triple-distilled and carbon filtered for a silky smoothness.

Djinn Spirits is the creation of Andy and Cindy Harthcock. After 30 years in engineering, Andy wanted to step outside corporate life. And after a full career in Emergency Room Nursing, Cindy was ready for something more exciting. They searched for several years until that one day when Cindy mentioned "distilling would be fun..." And that did it. They found a way to combine their love for the aesthetics of taste with the creative technical side. Distillation provides not only 2000 years of lore, but the chance to use some very new technology. Drop by the distillery some time!


1 1/2 E Broadway
Derry, NH 03038

Doire, pronounced "dwar-ay," comes from a 6th century old Irish word meaning "oak grove" or "oak wood". We are a family-owned 125 gallon pot still craft distillery, creating unique offerings from scratch in downtown Derry, New Hampshire. Our offerings will consist of white whiskey (moonshine), rotating gin series, whiskey and bourbon, along with special limited small-batch projects.


2 Industrial Way,
Salem, NH 03079

Fabrizia Spirits is a family-owned and managed business by brothers Phil and Nick Mastroianni. After many years of hard work and grass roots efforts, Fabrizia is now a citrus spirits market leader in both product quality and sales throughout New England, as well as several other markets across the country.

They strive every day to produce the highest quality, all natural, small batch Limoncello’s and Ready-to-Drink Cocktails (with Limoncello in them of course) on the market.


297 North River Road
Lee, NH 03861

Flag Hill Distillery is the oldest distillery in New Hampshire. Keen attention to detail, high-quality Flag Hill grown and locally sourced ingredients, and a little bit of patience all lead to world-class spirits. Some of our offerings include straight bourbon whiskey, straight rye whiskey, sugar maple liqueur, cranberry liqueur, blueberry liqueur, raspberry liqueur, spiced rum, white rum, Karner Blue Gin, and General John Star Vodka. Come visit us for a tour and tasting or browse around to learn more.


1000 East Industrial Drive
Manchester, NH 03109

Live Free Distillery is owned and operated by André Marcoux. André started out as a hobby distiller in early 2010, destroying his wife's stock pot and a large stainless bowl to create his first still. After doing his first run under his deck, with a turkey fryer, he really wanted to get into distillation more and more. Through the years André was able to build all of his equipment right here in the Granite State, from the brewhouse to the two stills. André is proud to set roots in the Queen City where currently sell moonshine, rum, vodka, and whiskey which are all Granite State inspired.


136 Main Street
Winchester, NH 03470

At New England Sweetwater Farm & Distillery™ we believe that a great craft cocktail starts with a premium handcrafted spirit. Our spirits add a great depth of flavor to any cocktail. Our distillery plant is on the first floor of our distillery on Main Street in Winchester, NH. Starting with raw ingredients we prepare our mash in small batches. Then we ferment it between 4 to 20 days depending on the product we are making. Once we’ve achieved the desired alcohol content our fermented mash is ready for distilling. Robert Spruill, our head distiller, starts the distilling process in our 100 gallon striping still.  Then depending on the product we use our finish still to create the smoothest spirits made in New England.


135 Lafayette Rd #9
North Hampton, NH 03862
603 379-2274

The Sea Hagg as a craft distillery salutes the rich history of the alchemy of distillation with a fresh, new mind-set. We produce high quality, small batch artisan spirits fermented, distilled, aged and bottled on site. The Sea Hagg rum recipes are inspired by the local history of rum consumption and production and produced from sugarcane molasses grown and made in the USA. Sea Hagg fruit brandies and eau-de-vie use fruits sourced from local growers.

Our mission is to produce the highest quality spirits made from the most flavorful and most local ingredients we can find. We produce classic products and innovative, new spirits that the Seacoast can be proud of. It is the Sea Hagg Distillery’s goal to become a leader in micro-distillation and the “Drink Local” movement in New Hampshire and beyond.


894 Lafayette (Route 1)
Seabrook, NH 03874

Smoky Quartz Distillery, located on the Southern NH Seacoast, is a Veteran owned and operated artisanal “grain to glass” craft distillery that uses locally sourced New England grain and other US sourced ingredients to distill truly exceptional spirits. The distillery is named after the official New Hampshire Gem Stone which is the “Smoky Quartz” crystal. All Smoky Quartz Spirits are handcrafted in small batches and artfully distilled from only the highest quality ingredients. All our grain-based products use organic certified grains and our rum uses only Grade A Molasses from sugar cane grown in the USA. Even our bottle glass is made in the USA.

We are dedicated craftsmen with a drive, passion and conviction to create naturally superior tasting spirits.


500 N Commercial Street
Manchester, NH 03101

The Stark Distillery is the first legal distillery in Manchester in over 150 years! Our head distiller learned the tricks of the trade from a New Hampshire native, and has brought those techniques to the craft here at Stark.

Our vodka is made in a 180 gallon still, entirely built from copper made in Nashua, New Hampshire. Stark Vodka is produced with premium 2-row barley, which is the malt base for most of our beers. It is filtered through coconut husk, giving it it's smooth texture and making it a perfect drink to serve straight up or on the rocks. We gravity filter and fill all of our bottles instead of pumping, which keeps the flavor natural and handcrafted. Here at Stark, we only use distilled water for proofing; there are absolutely no added minerals in the final product.


32 Crosby Road #5
Dover, NH 03820

Tall Ship Distillery is a dream come true for owner John Pantelakos. Over two years of 70 plus hours per week of hard work, he was able to open the first liquor distillery in the city of Dover, NH since the 1700’s. Standing over 11 1/2 feet tall, a hand made 250 gallon all copper still and condenser tank built by the owner himself sits as the centerpiece and workhorse of Tall Ship.

Since opening for business on August 28, 2014 and offering White Island Rum as our initial and flagship product, the response has been fantastic. Curious individuals on vacation from as far as Oslo Norway, Los Angeles California, Portland Oregon and local New Englanders alike have praised our creation. John and the dedicated employees of Tall Ship Distillery would like to invite you to come to Tall Ship, take a tour, learn about our product, history and sample the spirits we are so proud to offer to our community. We hope to see you soon!


15 Cleveland Hill Rd
Tamworth, NH 03886

Our story is as old as America, planting our flag in the heart of a historic New Hampshire village. Taking a cue from the 19th century Transcendentalists of New England, we pull both our inspiration and our ingredients from our atmosphere around us. From start to finish, each spirit embodies our scratch made ethos: local, house-milled grain, pure water, herbs and botanicals from the woods and our garden, and local fruits and vegetables.

Our 250 gallon copper still was custom built by Vendome in Kentucky, and outfitted with a brandy helmet, whiskey column, gin basket, and rectifying column. These components give us the versatility to produce a variety of different products, and change batches with the seasons.

Unlike many producers of craft spirits, we distill our own neutral grain spirit base (rather than purchasing it from an industrial producer) from local organic corn, organic rye, and malt. All of our grains are sourced from farms within a ~150 mile radius during the harvest season, and milled in-house, on demand, for the freshest flavor. Each small batch, scratch made spirit is a taste of our home, and a result of the work of partners large and small: from honeybees and gardeners to farmers and distillers. Our recipes are born from the crops we grow and the histories buried in the soil below.

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