New Hampshire Wineries

The New Hampshire countryside boasts beautiful vineyards and wineries that produce award-winning fruit and grape wines, ciders and meads. Check with each producer for hours of operation, tours, tastings and to find out where their products are sold.

Discover new adventures with three scenic driving loops along New Hampshire's Wine & Cheese Trails.

Appolo Vineyards

49 Lawrence Road
Derry, NH 03038

At Appolo Vineyards, most of our wines are made from hybrid wine grapes. These hybrid grapes were bred from a variety of parents and selected to be able to produce fruit after the extremely cold winters then ripen in the short summer. Traditional "Vinifera" (Chardonnay, Cabernet, etc.) grapes will not survive or ripen in New Hampshire. These hybrid grapes have completely different flavor profiles - adding new and interesting wines to pair with local foods.  What grows together goes together. 

Candia Vineyards

702 High Street
Candia, NH 03034
(603) 867-9751

Candia Vineyards is a boutique vineyard that specializes in fine table wines from grapes. Our products, processes, and labels are meant to convey our dedication to hard work, quality, history, and romance. With traditionally correct food pairings, our wines transform a good meal into a memorable one. Social occasions are enhanced by the inclusion of a favorite Candia Vineyards wine.

Romance begins with New Hampshire's first Frontenac, LaCrosse, Noiret, and Diamond varietals. Our selections have been hand-picked to thrive in the robust New Hampshire climate. This matching of grapes to our local growing conditions, combined with our carefully developed processes for hand-crafting our wines, has brought Candia Vineyards numerous medals in many national and international competitions. Many wine judges place us among the best, and we are confident you will agree.

To meet the discerning tastes of our followers, we are offering many of our wines by subscription. If you want to reserve certain varietals, send us an email and let us know how much of each varietal you wish held for you, and we will gladly make arrangements for you.

Our town is steeped in folklore, in which it has been told that a party of hunters in the mid-1700’s felled a fine deer, which they proclaimed to be charming fare. The town was then named CHARMINGFARE. The subsequent naming of “Candia” is for the Mediterranean town of Candia on the Isle of Crete, where a New Hampshire governor spent some time “on reserve.” Legend has it that he thought it was such a beautiful place that he renamed our town Candia when he returned. Our Vault Reserve wines forever immortalize this legend with label artwork depicting historic characters and our wine vault! Look for our Vault Reserve selections when we release our line of specialty wines.

Candia Vineyards is situated on some of the earliest farmed land in New Hampshire. This rich tradition of farming is something that we are very proud of, and we feel is particularly important here in southern New Hampshire, where development pressures are so intense. We are dedicated to preserving our agricultural history by crafting high quality products which prove our ancestors’ hard work, and the bountiful rewards they reaped, created the true foundation of our country. This heritage merits preservation, and we proudly do our part to show that hard work and careful attention to quality are worthwhile pursuits.

Coffin Cellars Winery

1224 Battle Street
Webster, NH 03303

Coffin Cellars Winery is a family-owned and operated winery, specializing in fruits and berry wines. They grow over 50% of their own produce, and source locally whenever possible. Some favorites include, blackberry, jalapeno, black currant and kiwi berry. They pride themselves in creating highly drinkable wines at an affordable price. Visit Coffin Cellars Winery for tastings Saturdays and Sundays from 1-5pm, April through December.

Crooked Tree Cider

35 Stickney Road
Whitefield, NH 03598
(603) 837-9174

Featured in the Finger Lakes International Wine Competition, Crooked Tree is an award-winning hard apple cider made in Northern New Hampshire by North Country Orchard.

It is a clean, refreshing beverage with a smooth, crisp finish and nicely complements many different types of cuisines. It can be enjoyed as a casual beverage while you kick back and relax after a hard day of work, or on holidays and more formal occasions.

Our cider is available in two varieties: Crooked Tree Cider and Crooked Tree Reserve. Crooked Tree Cider is a blend of dessert and cider apples, while Crooked Tree Reserve is composed of true hard cider varieties. The Reserve has a pronounced fruit note.

Farnum Hill Ciders at Poverty Lane Orchards

98 Poverty Lane
Lebanon, NH 03766
(603) 448-1511

On Farnum Hill, we stick to the true meaning of the word “cider” – an alcoholic beverage fermented from apples, just as “wine” is an alcoholic beverage fermented from grapes. When Prohibition hit the States, apple-growers’ sharp need for a new teetotal image cut the normal old word “cider” from its normal old meaning, and pasted it to the sweet brown ephemeral juice of autumn, normally called “apple juice.” Farnum Hill Ciders, at 6.5% to 7.5% alcohol, tend toward the dry, sharp, fruity and bountifully aromatic. We make them to gladden the moment and to freshen the flavors of companionable foods. We are proud of Farnum Hill Ciders, and we’ve been authoritatively told that, for now at least, they are the best-made ciders in America.

We’re rooting for more skilled apple-growers to take up the horticulture and craft of cider. Then maybe distinctive American orchard-based ciders will return to their pre-Prohibition glory and variety.

Johnny Appleseed planted the frontier for cider, after all – “Mom and apple pie” came later, erasing many happy facts from the national memory. But now real cider is back.

The following Farnum Hill cider, as well as others, is sold at select New Hampshire Liquor and Wine Outlets:
Item #43922 Farnum Hill Farmhouse Cider 750 mL, Regular Price $8.99

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Flag Hill Winery & Distillery

297 North River Road
Lee, NH 03861
(603) 659-2949

Flag Hill's vineyard stretches over 20+ acres of land on slightly sloping terrain. We continue to plant the best-suited grapes for our erratic New England climate. Not all grapes can survive the drastic dips of temperature that winter brings. Our vineyard produces 6 varieties of grapes including North American, such as Niagara, French Hybrid such as Marechal Foch and Vignoles, and American Hybrid such as Cayuga. The owner, winemaker, and vineyard manager work closely together as a team to ensure performance and future plans for the vineyard and winery are well aligned to put quality wines on our shelves.

Flag Hill Winery produces various types of wines including grape, fruit, and dessert wines as well as New Hampshire's first port. All our wine is produced and bottled on site. We choose to produce grape wines that reflect the flavors of grapes that can be grown in our region. While you won't find Merlot or Chardonnay in our tasting room, you will find both red and white wines suited to fit a variety of tastes. Red wines normally age in the barrels for two years, aging until ready to be bottled. The white wines are aged for one year. And every spring and summer fruit wines are blended, with new varieties such as blueberry being crafted.

We invite you to stop by our winery and vineyard to take a taste of New Hampshire, stroll through the vineyard and learn more about grape growing and wine making.

The following Flag Hill wine, as well as others, is sold at select New Hampshire Liquor and Wine Outlets:
Item #41215 Flag Hill Wild Blueberry Fruit Wine 750 mL, Regular Price $12.99

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Fulchino Vineyard

187 Pine Hill Road
Hollis, NH 03049
(603) 886-0479

We believe in letting the vine and its fruit express itself. We are translators for what has already been created. Our joy is in seeing others enjoy our  wine as a food, a medicine as Hippocrates said, and to enjoy it with their families and friends. Much is said of terrior and what the earth contributes to a wine but we can add something more… intangibles… While nearby cities to our south, east and north bustle with activity, a timeless feeling engulfs the atmosphere hovering over and around our vines. A timeless quality exists here that brings us all back to another time seemingly gone by. Here hustle and bustle no longer matter and traditions that go back in our family for centuries have resurfaced.

Annually we work to harness the wild portion of the terrior, the planting of new generations of vines, the yearly pruning, cultivating and ultimately the harvesting of the fruit of the vine. To our north, family farmers can be seen toiling away bringing fresh food to local markets and tourists, and the occasional sounds of young children playing escape the confines of the treetops. To our immediate east it is common to see young foals coming into the world and learning to walk and soon are outrunning their parents…to our south are wetlands that provide safety and rest to white tail deer, wild turkeys, small game and the occasional bear or coyote that tracks its prey. With an eye up to the sky one will see circling hawks, wild geese, ducks and the occasional passenger jet that takes its passenger to places here and there in a hurry… passing over this place of silence...of peace...of simple beauty where two or more people can decide to not rush around, but to sit face to face with another and just talk with each other and observe the many nests that momma and papa birds have decided to construct in our trellis to lay eggs and raise their young and occasionally you will see on the ground a nest filled with eggs and a mother killdeer trying to lead you away from it. In front of us, as we gaze thru the vineyard rows, yellow finches and robust cardinals are among the many species of birds that flit to and fro and rest on the many trellis wires for a rest or to use as a launching pad to pluck earthworms from the healthy and deeply organic soil below.

The soil itself is a bit of a rich story in and of itself. Two feet deep in places of rich organic matter virtually devoid of anything else such as sand, clay or rocks reaches depths of up to a full two feet (somewhat uncommon in the six state region of New England) until we reach a seeming endless coarse sand that houses a year round high water table that feed the vines naturally. We do no irrigation of our established vines. The topsoil itself is rich in minerals and nutrients, a natural home to the vines and it holds rainwater for a time until ultimately and begrudgingly it releases it to the sands below where the roots of the vine chase the moisture. These sands lay to depth of another 50 feet or more are a natural occurrence in southern New Hampshire. And all of this rests on the foundation of our region. Granite. Hence the name the Granite State. Our granite over time yields to the pressures of the earth and fragment and ever so slowly release their own minerals upward into the sand, where they wait for the roots of the vines to find them

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Gilmanton Winery & Vineyard

528 Meadow Pond Road
Gilmanton, NH 03237
(603) 267-8251

Haunting Whisper Vineyards

77 Oak Ridge Drive, Route 4
Danbury, NH 03230
(603) 768-5506

In 2005, Eric and his wife Erin purchased a 75 acre property in Danbury, New Hampshire, with panoramic sloping views of the surrounding mountain landscape. They purchased the property with aspirations of starting a vineyard and winery.

Neither Eric nor Erin had experience in farming as they both spent a majority of their working lives consumed in the fast paced society of corporate life. Erin has her Ph.D. in Biochemistry working as a Sr. Scientist and Eric with an engineering degree having worked in business operations of several networking start-ups as a director level manager.

However, when Eric and Erin weren’t at work, they spent much of their time together enjoying the outdoors, hiking many of the open trails around the state of New Hampshire. At the end of the day of hiking, they would relax and enjoy a glass of wine, fascinated with the character associated with each sip. As they enjoyed their wine, they would dream and discuss how great it would be to make their own wine someday.

Someday arrived in 2005, when they decided to invest in their retirement early by starting a business that would incorporate their professional experience with their personal interests, which they hope will grow and support them in their golden years.

They quickly realized when they planted that first of 500 vines in the ground that starting a vineyard isn’t exactly for the faint of heart, as not only would the planting be arduous but the realization that they can’t control nature as the weather, disease, insects and animal pests would all be attacking their investment.

They learned quickly the methods for protecting their investment and today they have 12 European and Minnesota varieties thriving and fruiting in the sloping fields of their vineyard.

Making wine was also an adventure as Eric and Erin quickly realized that nature loves to consume sugar from the juice of the fruit they would be fermenting.  Fermentation is a biological process that can quickly go wrong if proper care is not given before, during and after fermentation. Again, Eric and Erin had to quickly learn through trial and error that started with one five gallon glass carboy of juice at a time in their kitchen to fermenting four carboys of juice at a time to working their way towards using 130 gallon stainless steel fermentors in a 3600 sq. ft. winery they had built in 2008.

There have been many struggles and frustrating moments through their battle with nature but what better way to end a workday than with a glass containing the tasty nectar from fermented fruits of their own labor.

Hermit Woods

72 Main Street
Meredith, NH 03253
(603) 253-7968

Incredibrew/Grape Time Winery

112 Daniel Webster Highway
Nashua, NH 03060
(603) 891-2477

We select quality juice from the major wine producing regions of the world including France, Italy, Australia, California and others. Our years of experience have resulted in careful selection of the best juice available from each region to produce quality world class wines.

Each batch of wine is hand-crafted, fermented, bottled, corked, labeled, and aged at our store in carefully controlled 30 bottle lots.

Free wine tastings at our tasting bar are offered to demonstrate the variety and quality of our wines.

We have partnered with the Animal Rescue League of New Hampshire to create a series of wines for sale in area retail stores. A portion of the proceeds goes directly to the ARL to help them care for homeless animals in the community.

Jewell Towne Vineyards

183 Whitehall Road
South Hampton, NH 03827
(603) 394-0600

We are New Hampshire's oldest winery and most awarded New Hampshire vineyard. We're located in South Hampton, New Hampshire, directly on the border of South Hampton, New Hampshire, and Amesbury, Massachusetts, and have been producing premium red, white and rosé wine since 1994. Our world-class New Hampshire wines such as Seyval, Cayuga White, Chardonnay, Maréchal Foch, and Vidal Icewine have won acclaim from consumers and critics alike. During the past several years Jewell Towne Vineyards has truly made a name for itself in the New England wine scene by capturing more than 100 medals in international competitions. At the winery you can learn about the winemaking process from vine to bottle on our guided tours, and then stay for a complimentary wine tasting to discover the premium wines that are made from New Hampshire grown grapes. After your tasting take a stroll through our vineyard, or take time to visit the rustic post and beam tasting room and our second floor art gallery, you can purchase some of our delicious and acclaimed New Hampshire made wine. We're a small, family owned craft winery and attribute our success to being local, down to earth, and by offering a wonderful experience for friends and family with an interest in any facet of winemaking. If you're coming to Jewell Towne, plan to relax and enjoy, we offer a non-intimidating environment for wine newbie and aficionado alike!

The following Jewell Towne Vineyards wine, as well as others, is sold at select New Hampshire Liquor and Wine Outlets:
Item #35319 Jewell Towne Riesling 750 mL, Regular Price $14.49

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LaBelle Winery

345 Route 101
Amherst, NH 03031
(603) 672-9898

LaBelle Winery is situated atop the historic Bragdon Farm Hillside in Amherst, New Hampshire. We set out to make a wine that is enjoyable – that brings together family and friends around a table to revive the spirit of community. We also hope to demystify the winemaking process through education opportunities, both hands on and through seminars, in the winter months at the winery.

Our wines reflect the orchard spirit and are made with apples and other fruits grown in New Hampshire. The fruits are picked at their peak and then pressed and fermented the same day, resulting in exceptionally fresh, balanced wine. While fermenting at very low temperatures to retain the fruity qualities, we paid close attention to our acid and residual sugar balance. The results: fresh, crisp, fruity wine that is easy to drink and enjoy with friends and family. LaBelle Wines are bottled unfiltered to preserve the natural fruit essence, body and flavor; a small deposit of sentiment may be visible after prolonged aging. We would love to share our passion for winemaking with you!

The following LaBelle Winery wine, as well as others, is sold at select New Hampshire Liquor and Wine Outlets:
Item #12111 LaBelle Cranberry Wine 750 mL, Regular Price $13.99

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Moonlight Meadery

23 Londerry Road, Unit #17
Londonderry, NH 03053
(603) 216-2162

With 15 years experience at making national award winning mead, Michael Fairbrother has started Moonlight Meadery, LLC, with a mission to bring ultra premium meads to the market place in small limited releases. It is more than a product and it is more than a process, it’s our obsession.

“Mead to me is passion, it’s about living and loving, it’s about enjoyment, family and friends, and sharing,” says Michael Fairbrother, Founder and Mead Maker.

Our meads will be unique, and unlike anything you have ever tried, and honestly quite difficult to obtain,  however we feel it will be worth your effort and you will find it incredible! We are going to embrace the unique nature of natural honey as minimally processed as possible.

The Vineyard at Seven Birches, LLC

1775 Benton Road
Haverhill, NH 03774
(603) 785-7678

We are in the process of building our vineyard. Our plan is to craft pure New Hampshire grape and country wines. We will have Apple and Blueberry wines available in June 2011, if not sooner. We hope to see you at the vineyard for one of the many tastings that we will have at the Cider House Café.

Silver Mountain Ciders

223 South Road, Box 62
Lempster, NH 03605
(603) 477-2026

Stone Gate Vineyard

27 David Lewis Road
Gilford, NH 03249
(603) 524-4348

We are growing cold climate French hybrid grapes. Our wines include Marechal Foch, Leon Millot, Frontenac, Seyval, Cayuga, Steuben, Aurore and Raspberry.

Sweet Baby Vineyard

204 South Road
Kensington, NH 03833
(603) 347-1738

We started Sweet Baby Vineyard in 2008 after discovering the love of wine making. What started as a hobby for Lewis, quickly grew into a family business. We chose our home in Kensington because it had a lot of land for our two daughters to play and space to garden. Growing up in New Hampshire, our family has always enjoyed all of the fresh fruits that the spring, summer and fall bring. Each season we take the kids to the local farms to pick strawberries, blueberries, peaches and apples. We decided to bring these fresh fruits grown at our local farms to our wine. We also turned part of our land into a vineyard, which will yield grapes for our wine in the next couple of years.

Lewis is the winemaker at Sweet Baby Vineyard and also works as a supervisor for a bridge contractor. Stacey is the office manager at Sweet Baby Vineyard, as well as a stay-at-home mom and childcare provider. Our girls enjoy helping in the vineyard and with the picking of fruit. Their hands are even featured on our label. We are looking forward to sharing our wines with you and continuing to support our local farming community.

We hope you love our wines as much as we do. Please enjoy responsibly.

Walpole Mountain View Winery at Barnett Hill Vineyard

114 Barnett Hill Road
Walpole, NH 03608
(603) 756-3948

It all began with a glimpse out our kitchen window and a thought. “If this land was anywhere else in the world, it would be a vineyard.” After years and years of work, the possibilities became reality. And with this reality, comes a philosophy, let the grapes take the lead.

We keep the true nature and potential of each grape foremost in every decision. Each vine is meticulously pruned in the spring, nurtured all summer, and harvested at their peak flavor in the fall. We stay as organic as possible, going to great lengths to try every environmentally-friendly method available. It’s a labor of love.

We hope you visit here to unwind, take a stroll through the vineyard, enjoy the amazing mountain vistas, taste-test the wine, and revisit again and again. We hope you can join us.

Zorvino Vineyards

226 Main Street
Sandown, NH 03873
(603) 887-8463

Zorvino Vineyards is a small piece of Tuscany located in Sandown, New Hampshire. Our picturesque winery is located on 80 beautiful acres in the middle of a New England hardwood forest. We are committed to producing quality wines from local New England grapes carefully tended on our property, as well as interesting varietals from grapes grown in premier winemaking regions of the world, including Tuscany, Chile and Northern California. We also make excellent fruit wines

The dream of a winery began in 2001 when Jim Zanello and his wife Cheryl returned from the "old country" with fond memories and wonderful stories to tell of their experiences in Italy. It was the winery visits that had captured their imaginations. The quality of food, wine and life in general contrasted sharply with our typical American values and daily pace. They decided then to bring a taste of Europe and culture to Sandown, New Hampshire. At Zorvino Vineyards, we hope to bring good food, good wine and a chance for all to reflect on a better quality of life.

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