Requests for refunds or exchanges must be made within thirty (30) days of the original purchase.

Returned merchandise must be in its original condition and in its original, sealed container.

Order Ready for Pickup email is the receipt and must be retained and presented for any return.

Cash will be refunded for a return if the total of the return is one hundred dollars ($100.00) or less and is accompanied by the appropriate e-mailed receipt showing the original payment was made in cash.

Credit Card purchases will be refunded by crediting the account on which the purchase was made, when the return is accompanied by the appropriate e-mailed receipts.

Customers requesting refunds or exchanges without a e-mailed receipt will be issued a New Hampshire State Liquor Commission Merchandise Card in the dollar amount of the lowest price of the returned product in the last three months, up to a cumulative total of one hundred dollars ($100.00).

All refunds which are outside of the parameters of this return policy must be submitted as a request for refund through our Store Operations for Commission approval.

Please Note: Customers purchasing for large events should speak to the Store Manager regarding the return and refund arrangements at the time of purchase.